1 Mil Freestyle

Marcellus Juvann

In honor of reaching one million plays on Spotify, Marcellus Juvann release’s a new ...

Palm Trees

The Mike Wilson

A ride through the dark side of the Sunshine State.

Lookin for me


Drelue “Lookin for me” Produced by Superstaar “Call up TSA for the POP-UP, so you never ...

Otown Reppin

Otown Marco

It’s Marco Season and the young artist delivers with an anthem titled Otown Reppin. ...

Only Way

Devin More

Devin More “Only Way” Unsigned Artist Twitter: Devin More FaceBook: Devin More Instagram: Devin More ...

Wanna Be

Drex Carter

Drex Carter “Wanna Be” Unsigned Artist Twitter: Drex Carter Instagram: Drex Carter SoundCloud: Drex ...

Million By Morning


CHARLi “Million By Morning” Unsigned Artist Twitter: CHARLi Instagram: CHARLi SoundCloud: CHARLi contact: bookcharlib@gmail.com

“Phase Me” ft. Caskey


Zwillz “Phase Me” ft. Caskey Unsigned Artist Twitter: Zwillz FaceBook: Zwillz Instagram: Zwillz SoundCloud: ...

Save U


C.I.R “Save U”   Christ. Is. Real Unsigned Artist Twitter: ExcuseMeCIR Snapchat: ExcuseMeCIR Instagram: ...